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15 July 2024
16 July 2024
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Your Guide to Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony + Big Day Rundown

In recent years, many soon-to-be-married couples prefer hotels situated on Hong Kong Island as their send-off venue, which offer several advantages: first, most of them command unfettered seascapes, providing a naturally beautiful backdrop for photos. Second, hotels are usually more spacious and accommodate all bridesmaids, photographers, and ceremonies such as bride pick-up, send-off, and the Chinese wedding tea ceremony. Third, having the wedding in a hotel reduces travel time, avoiding any delay during auspicious hours.

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Chinese wedding customs are complicated and tightly scheduled. To ensure every ritual on your big day goes off without a hitch, continue reading to learn about the wedding timeline for a smoothly executed and perfect wedding!


Big Day Rundown & Chinese Wedding Timeline

Hair Combing Ceremony: 0:00

It occurs the night before the wedding or early in the morning on the wedding day. The parents of the couple perform the hair combing ceremony in their homes respectively, symbolising the “coming of age” or attainment of the maturity of the couple. Note that the actual time usually varies with the auspicious time of the Chinese calendar.


Hair & Makeup for the Bridal Party 06:00 – 08:30

Makeup artists do makeup & hairstyling for the bride, her mother, and bridesmaids, who take turns having a simple breakfast and preparing wedding door games at the bride’s place.


Groomsmen’ Arrival 07:30 – 08:30

The groom and his entourage arrive at the wedding hotel and prepare for the bridal game and red envelopes, which will be given to the bridesmaids later. Meanwhile, they take turns to have breakfast.


Photographing the Preparations 08:00– 08:30

The photographer and videographer arrive and take shots of the bride getting ready, including all the associated details, i.e. dress, accessories, the venue, as well as behind-the-scenes moments, dressing ceremony, and bridesmaid group pictures.


Groomsmen Photoshoot 08:30– 09:00

The photographers go to take shots of the groomsmen picking up the bride.


Heng Tai Games 09:00– 09:30

During Heng Tai Games (also known as “Gate crashing” or “Collect the bride”), the groom and his friends will complete the challenge or obstacles set by the bride’s friends, then bribe the bridal party into releasing his bride back to him with a red packet.


Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony at the Bride’s 09:30– 10:00

tea ceremony wedding

After collecting the bride, the couple will participate in a wedding tea ceremony with the bride’s family before departure. The groom will kneel in front of the father-in-law on the right side while the bride kneels in front of her mother on the left side. The groom will serve tea to the father-in-law and then the mother-in-law, followed by the bride.

Tea is served to the parents and older married relatives or elders in descending age order or level of closeness (e.g. parents, great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc).


Tea Ceremony at the Groom’s 10:00– 10:30

big day rundownThe couple will serve tea to the groom’s parents likewise, and the steps are the same as the above.


End of the Wedding Tea Ceremony

The newlyweds get ready for departure and take photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, or get prepared for the wedding dress change and marriage registration.


Important Chinese Wedding Traditions


  • When the bride departs from the wedding hotel, the friends should avoid saying “goodbye.”
  • Unmarried elder siblings should not be present when the bride is departing.
  • Prepare 3 essentials for departure: a red umbrella, rice, and green beans.
  • The bridesmaid accompanying the bride to the groom’s house must be unmarried.
  • The groom’s parents should not witness the bride’s arrival.


Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

chinese wedding tea ceremony

Things to prepare:

  • 1 pair of red kneeling cushions;
  • tea sets for the ceremony (for parents and elders);
  • wedding party paper cups (for peers like cousins)
  • tea leaves or tea bags (avoid diet tea which indicates a lack of prosperity in the forthcoming marriage); and
  • boiling water for brewing tea.

Prepare 2 cups of tea for each elder. Each cup should contain 2 lotus seeds (used as a blessing and hope for multiple children) and 2 red dates (symbolising good luck).

Arrange for 3 bridesmaids to assist: one to prepare the tea and cups, one to hand over the teacups and convey auspicious blessings, and one to help with the gold jewellery and record their safekeeping.


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