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20 June 2024
21 June 2024
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Which Type of Power Plug You Should Bring When Travelling

Power plugs, also known as travel adaptors, are necessary accessories for anyone travelling to a different country. These adaptors allow you to plug in and charge your electronic devices, such as phones, laptops, and cameras, in countries with different power outlets and voltages. There are two major things to consider when buying power plugs for travelling, primarily plug specifications and power voltage. We will cover what they are, why they’re important to note, and which type of power plug you should bring when travelling to Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand!


What Are Plug Specifications?

Plug specifications refer to the physical design and shape of an electrical plug. This can include differences in the number of prongs, the shape and size of the prongs, and the positioning of the prongs. As you will see later, different countries use different specifications, and that plug for your current charger may not fit the outlet of the country you’re planning to visit. If you don’t have the correct plug, your adaptor may not fit into the outlet, meaning that you won’t be able to charge certain devices.


What Is Power Voltage?

When buying a travel adaptor, it is important to make sure it is compatible with the voltage used in the country you are visiting. Power voltage is the amount of electrical energy that is supplied to an electronic device. It is measured in volts (V) and can vary depending on the country you are in. Different countries use different standards for power voltage.

If your travel adaptor does not have enough voltage, it may not be able to power your devices properly. This could result in slower charging times or your devices not working at all.

If your travel adaptor has too much voltage, it could potentially damage your devices. It is important to check the voltage requirements of your devices and make sure the adaptor does not exceed that amount.


Power Plug Specifications for Different Travel Destinations

Power Plug Specifications for Hong Kong

For our friends who have never been to Hong Kong, we share the same plugs and sockets as the ones in the UK, Malaysia, and Singapore. The power plugs used in Hong Kong are as follows:

Plug specifications: British three-pin plug
Voltage: 220V


Power Plug Specifications for Japan

For those travelling to Japan, the plugs not only look vastly different but have a significantly lower voltage than Hong Kong.

Plug specifications: double flat pin plug
Voltage in Japan: 100V


Power Plug Specifications for Taiwan

The power plugs for Taiwan look very similar to the ones used in Japan. Still, it is important to note that there is a difference in voltage between the two places.

Plug specifications: double flat pin plug
Voltage in Taiwan: 110V


Power Plug Specifications for South Korea

While the voltage is the same between South Korea and Hong Kong, the power plugs look vastly different.

Plug specifications: double round pin plug
Voltage in South Korea: 220V


Power Plug Specifications for Thailand

Thailand also shares the same voltage with the power plugs in Hong Kong. However, you will need a travel adapter for Thailand as the plugs differ vastly.

Plug specifications: double flat pin plug, double round pin plug
Voltage in Thailand: 220V


Avoiding All-In-One Travel Adaptors

For convenience, many travellers would consider all-in-one travel adaptors. Even though they are a convenient and versatile option, they pose two major safety risks.


Lack of Safety Certification

One of the major concerns for using all-in-one travel adaptors is the lack of international safety certifications for chargers. Many of these adaptors may not be properly tested for electrical safety in different countries, which could pose a risk to your devices and personal safety.


Risk of Electrical Overload

Electrical overload is when an electrical circuit carries more electricity than it is designed to handle. It occurs when too many devices are plugged into the adaptor, causing it to draw more power than its intended capacity. This can lead to overheating, damage to your devices, and potentially unsafe situations.



No matter where you’re travelling, it is important to be aware of the differences in power plugs. For destinations such as Japan and Taiwan, it is essential to note that not only are their plugs different in shape, but also their outlets have different voltages. While countries such as South Korea and Thailand have the same voltage in their outlets, their plugs are vastly different from the ones used in Hong Kong.

Keep in mind that using the wrong power adapter can not only damage your devices but also pose safety hazards. While all-in-one travel adaptors are an extremely convenient option, they can pose potential dangers. Make sure to research the plug specifications and voltage of your destination before travelling, to ensure the safety of your devices and yourself during your travels.


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