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20 June 2024
21 June 2024
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5 Fun Places to Celebrate Your Birthday in Hong Kong

Why fly overseas for a joyous birthday surprise when you can enjoy a unique birthday celebration in Hong Kong? Whether you’re planning a birthday for your partner, friends, or yourself, here are 5 fun places and activities to go for your birthday that bring an absolute blast!


5 Fun Places & Activities To Go for Your Birthday

1. Glamping: The Ultimate Birthday Celebration

Ideal for your romantic partner and friends
Glamping: The Ultimate Birthday Celebration

Nature has always been the major attraction for tourists around the globe. Dwelling within the laps of the pristine environment in its most unadulterated form has seldom been viewed through the lens of luxury – until glamping came into focus.

In the metropolis of Hong Kong, glamping and staycations have been replacing trips abroad for many urban dwellers. The rise of glamping, meanwhile, introduces various styles and experiences, from the Japanese elegant style and Nordic minimalism to the classic BEETLE camper vans, off-road vehicles, and stargasing campers. All of these make your birthday celebration even more memorable!


2. Romantic Birthday Celebration: Catching the Sunset at Ha Pak Nai

Ideal for your romantic partner
Romantic Birthday Celebration: Catching the Sunset at Ha Pak Nai

Sitting on the coast of the north-western New Territories in Yuen Long, the wetland of Ha Pak Nai is widely recognised as one of the most amazing places that offers spectacular sunset views in Hong Kong.

When you gaze into the distance, you’ll be captivated by a sprawling expanse of flat wetlands, adorned with quaint small villages and patches of dwarf mangroves. As dusk falls and the tide recedes, it’s the perfect moment to sit by the coastline with your other half, witnessing the golden sun slowly dipping below the horizon and painting the clouds in a palette of radiant hues. Such tranquil sunset views will surely be etched in your memory for a lifetime.


3. Birthday Celebration with Friends: Baking Party

Ideal for friends
Birthday Celebration with Friends: Baking Party

If you’re a dessert lover, why not head to a DIY baking shop to make a bespoke delicious birthday cake with your besties? It’s an awesome way to celebrate a birthday in Hong Kong, especially if you fancy crafting a beautiful and delicious cake with your own hands.

You and your friends can choose your preferred pastry based on your tastes and the level of baking complexity you’re comfortable with. Just follow the recipe instructions, and the shop will provide all the necessary ingredients and utensils. The best part? You’ll create joyous memories of baking a birthday cake together, and there’s no need to worry about cleaning up afterward—it’s that simple and convenient.


4. Birthday Car: Funny Birthday Surprise

Ideal for friends
Birthday Car: Funny Birthday Surprise

If the birthday star is an old friend with a good sense of humour, why not go for a hilarious celebration? You can decorate a vehicle with extravagant birthday cards or large billboards and drive by the birthday person. This not only takes the celebration to the streets but also gets bystanders involved in the birthday festivities. For added hilarity, consider plastering a few blown-up, funny photos of the birthday person to create a birthday celebration that they’ll never forget!


5. Hotels: Luxury Birthday Staycation

Ideal for your romantic partner and friends

Hotels: Luxury Birthday Staycation Hotels: Luxury Birthday Staycation


Hotels are also fabulous venues for birthday celebrations. Transform a hotel room into a party haven, perfect for deep talks with your partner, besties, or siblings. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the hotel’s diverse amenities to keep the fun going all night long! Many hotels in Hong Kong offer special birthday services, from complimentary cakes or champagne to room decorations, making your stay truly heartfelt.


Indulge in Exceptional Luxury at One-Eight-One Hotel

Whether you are hoping for a quiet sunset evening or a lively hotel staycation, Hong Kong offers an array of options to make your birthday memorable.

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ONE · EIGHT · ONE offers a birthday party package that includes:

– Welcome snack basket

– Three complimentary bottles of red or white wine upon arrival

– HKD300 dining credit at THE PRAYA or In-room dining (Dining credit cannot be used toward the service charge of the food and beverage bill. All food and beverage credit is to be applied to the a-la-carte menu only)

– Room decoration with tailored wordings (max. 18 alphabetical characters or numbers)

– Entertainment set up in a room on request

– Complimentary streaming of Disney+ and Netflix

– Complimentary rental of PS5 or Nintendo Switch

– Molton Brown bathroom amenities

– Premier League TV channel available

– Late check-out until 3:00 pm

– Maximum occupancy for overnight stay: 3 people (extra bed can be arranged at HK$400 plus 10% for third person )

– Maximum occupancy for day use: 6people